Application for Email Account

The email account is mainly used to send and receive emails, which is convenient for school affairs communication and interflow between teachers and students. Furthermore, the email account will be used for the following application as authentication purpose: If you have any questions, please contact

Application Steps

Fill in personal information→Print the submission form→Sign and submit the form

Please fill in all the information accurately and completely。
*Account Name

Only lowercase alpha numeric character and '.' are accepted, start with alphabet, and not end with '.'
Alumni please use your student ID number.
*Account Password

Required minimum of 8 alpha numeric character, the password is case sensitive.
*Confirm Password

Please enter your password again.
*Your Name

Please enter your name.
*Your ROC ID Number

Please use all capital letters.
Alumni please use your student ID number.
*Your Department

Please select your department.
*Your Job Title

Please select your job title.
*Contact Phone Number

A contact number allow us to contact you if there is any problem with your email account.
*Alternate E-mail Address

Alternate email address, used to activate your NTNU email account and recover your password.